Our company provides top-rated wireless, electronic, and electromechanical doorbells for commercial and residential properties. Explore our wide selection of high-quality doorbells and find the perfect one to match your needs.


Ideal for easy replacement of old doorbell systems. Thank you
a bell button transmitter and receiver doorbell can be installed over a long radio range
up to 500M from each other.
The use of secure radio communication makes the installation of wireless doorbells
to be easy. Simply attach the bell transmitter to the door or gate,
place the receiver as desired in a residential or commercial building, select the operating mode
and you're done.

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With existing cabling, electronic doorbells are ideal
to replace old clock systems. Cable connections change them
You can get electronic doorbells if you use the existing cabling
installed very quickly. The doorbell button and the doorbell are used for this purpose
to connect wires already in the wall. Thanks to the simple 2-wire
technology, they can also be installed quickly and easily in new buildings.

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A doorbell classic! Grothe with tonearms made of genuine bell steel
the two-tone doorbell provides reliably clear and rich sound when ringing
tone. The simple, elegant design blends seamlessly into any environment.
A doorbell with a supply voltage of 8-12 volts can be powered by a transformer. In addition, they now have
an additional compartment for a 9-volt block battery or 4 x 1.5-volt BABY-CELL
for batteries, type LR14/C (depending on the model). With a 230-volt supply voltage,
variants include a transformer in the housing to save time.

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Recessed doorbells installed inside the switch frame fit almost invisibly into place.
Installation in the switch frame. Compatible with many well-known switch manufacturers' products.
Despite their minimal size, recessed doorbells have a variety of adjustable features such as melodies and volume.

Various clock buttons and plates, motion sensors, repeaters, relays, etc.

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