Electromechanical Doorbells have a hammer fault that, when closed via the Bell button, strikes a metal bar in the Receiver to produce a ding-dong, two-tone alarm.
The tonearms of the classic Grothe two-tone doorbells are made of genuine bell steel, providing a reliably clear and rich signal tone.
With existing cabling, electromechanical doorbells are ideal for replacing old bell systems when a simple, "old-fashioned" chime is desired.
The cable connections make them extremely fail-safe.
The technical simplicity of the doorbell buttons allows you to choose the buttons according to the desired design, and the selection is very large.
If the appropriate cables are already in place, Electromechanical Doorbells can be installed very quickly.
For this purpose, the wires already in the wall are used to connect the Doorbell button and the Doorbell.
Thanks to the simple 2-core wiring, they can also be installed quickly and easily in new buildings (by installing with the necessary wires.)