A simple press of the Bell button applies to the Receiving device
an electronically recorded ringtone. 
It is usually possible in the Receiving device to evoke several different melodies and sounds. Ringtone selection is easy to program. 
Grothe Wired Electronic Doorbells make it possible to choose different ringtones. 
For example, the CROMA 230A Doorbell has 17 different options for bright ringtones. 
In addition to the normal ringtone, it is also possible to use the ALARM ringtone
(at night, with activation over the motion sensor). 
With existing Doorbell cabling, there are Electronic Doorbells ideal for replacing old clock systems. 
Cable connections change them extremely fail-safe.
The technical simplicity of Doorbell buttons allows you to choose buttons
according to the desired design and the selection is very large. 
There is also a large Grothe Electronic Doorbell design selection. 
Electronic Doorbells can be installed if suitable cables are already in place
especially quickly.
For this purpose, it is used to connect the Doorbell button and the Doorbell
wires already in the wall.
Thanks to the simple 2-core wiring, you can they can also be installed quickly and easily in new buildings (by installing together with the necessary wires.)