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74328. GROTHE GmbH, Intercom, Audio intercom, Door phone set SET 1122/31

Detailed description:
• 2-wire, private house
• Suitable for new construction or renovation
• Good sound quality
• Possible volume control for the door station and house phone Intercom
• 3-step adjustment of ringer volume
• Door opening function (electric door opener is connected directly to the door station)
• An optional intercom can be connected
Technical specifications:
• Set for a single-family house consisting of:
• 1x in-house telephone UTOPIA
• 1x transformer
• 1x surface-mounted door station MIKRA
• Dimensions:
• Door station: 179 x 99 x 23 mm
• House phone: 228 x 143 x 50 mm
• Transformer width: 3 units (54mm)